SOLVED A little SQL please....

  • Server
    • FOG Version: v1.5.0 RC-8 v16 Working Branch
    • OS: CEntOS 7

    I’m having a problem with the GUI on the working branch (see version above). The GUI cannot change the Protected checkbox. I’m not seeing any responses to the bug report I posted in the Dev area, so I was hoping to get some SQL help in this area. I need to be able to upload some images that are set as Protected. I believe I need to change some value in a table for each of these to unprotected in order for a machine to be able to upload and replace the image stored in FOG.

    Can anyone provide the SQL statements needed to do this, since I can’t do it thru the GUI at present?

    All help is much appreciated.


  • @wayne-workman Thanks for the help. Just wanted to post this as Solved. Checkboxes now work in the Web UI.


  • George’s method will work, but It’d be easier to just set all images to unprotected:

    mysql -D fog
    update images set imageProtect=0;

  • @george1421 Thanks very much. Trying this as soon as I can.


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    Here you go.

    1. Login to the database with this command
      mysql -u root fog
    2. Use this command to list all of your images. You will need the exact image name for the next command.
      select imageID,imageName,imageProtect from images;
    3. To change the setting run this command. imageProtect=0 to turn it off imageProtect=1 to enable, <exact_imageName> is taken from the select statment.
      update images set imageProtect=0 where imageName="<exact_imageName>";
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    @jim-graczyk Just so you know the developers are on an extended holiday right now so their response is going to be a bit slow right now.

    Let me see if I can work up the sql commands you need. Its pretty easy I just need to find the right fields.