• When you delete an image, and make a new one, even if you only have 1 image, it gives it the next higher ID number. How can you go and give it a different image ID of say back to 1 instead of 7?

  • Moderator

    don’t delete image. just upload over the old one

  • Thank you guys!

  • Developer

    just incase…

    1. Connect to mysql server [mysql -u root -pyourpassword fog], note there is not space between -p and your password.
    2. List all tables [show tables;]
    3. Table images is where you need to make change, so see all available fields in that table [select * from images;]
    4. Above command will list all images for your with all their detail.
    5. Pick any field except imageID and do a query based on that to udate relevant imageID, i.e. I want to udate imageID to 2 for image called “XPSP3” I would run the following command:
      update images set imageID=‘2’ where imageName=‘XPSP3’;

  • Robin is correct, you would need to manually edit the database to reuse old image ID’s. I seem to recall there being some talk of possibly changing this functionality in the future, but for the time being you’re stuck with manually changing them.

  • I believe that it’s necessary to manually edit the SQL database table… not something I’ve tried so sorry I can’t be of much help.

    No doubt that somebody far cleverer than me will be along in a moment with some sage advice.