• I know this is uncommon, but I need testing on the normalized elements of FOG under a new GUI I’ve been slowly working on. It was originally under ‘bootstrap’ for the branch label under git.

    I need people or are daring/willing enough to checkout the working branch now and run this version of fog. It is still in active development, and I know it’s not 100% complete yet. The main components should all work as they had in the past.

    The idea is I’ve been converting to bootstrap which essentially rids the need of “mobile only” users. Mobile Only users could still “do” everything other users could they were just restricted to using the mobile page. With the access control plugin by Fernando, I think more suitable restraints are more properly in place.

    With the new GUI stuff, memory limits should be handled a lot better as we’re now using api elements to get the data within the GUI.

    I ask for help in seeing if there’s any significant issues and where those issues are, so please if you’re willing update to the working branch and try using it.

    it looks completely different, but oddly familiar if that makes any sense. I hope you enjoy the new layout, look, and operation. Please report any issues you do see from the GUI perspective so I can get them fixed much faster. For the better part of the last month it’s been basically me looking/editing/playing with one or two people that look at things and give simple guidance. While it’s gotten us this far, I need more hands/eyes on if/where possible.

    Thank you

  • @Tom-Elliott I have make a look at GUI this morning and I didn’t see anything blocking me. I would like to say that it looks functional for an average use.

    • The view in “Hosts and Users Login” with 50 users in a column is a bit hard to read. 😛
    • “User tracking - Search” give blank page.
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    @Tom-Elliott same issue, loading host list or running INventry report seems to lock up the server for a few minutes.

    In terms of hosts I have less then 600 to report on

    This morning I was in a hurry for a report so had to roll back the VM snapshot.

  • @falko You must have a lot of data.

    Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted

    Can you update from 128 to say 512 and see if it helps?

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  • @Tom-Elliott Always happy to help. 🙂

  • Found an issue with displays not showing anything on the pages thanks to @jmeyer and @THEMCV .

    This was specific to Plugins tying in with the API backend. This has now been corrected for and all should work with or without plugins again. Thankfully the “blank” wasn’t lost data, just mis-representation of how to create the displayed data.

  • Please also, as an assurance the new files are in place as/where appropriate:

    mv /var/www/fog{,_orig}
    mv /var/www/html/fog{,_orig}

    Then run the installer. While it shouldn’t pose a problem by itself, this should ensure a clean GUI state rather than a potential miss-match of files from the original file layout.

  • @falko Anything in your apache error logs?

  • As I work under VMWare, i’ll make a snapshot of my server and run the update.
    I missed bothering Thomas for bugs. 😉

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    Just updated from 1.4.4, Reporting doesn’t work for me, when I select any of the reports the page errors out and says unable to handle this request

  • For those interested.

    Quickest method to install working:

    git clone https://github.com/fogproject/fogproject.git /opt/fogproject
    cd /opt/fogproject
    git checkout working
    git pull
    cd bin
    ./installfog.sh -y

    If you need to switch branches to dev-branch (currently same as master)

    cd /opt/fogproject
    git checkout dev-branch
    git pull
    cd bin

    If you need to switch branches to master

    cd /opt/fogproject
    git checkout master
    git pull
    cd bin
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    As we have a week and a half of school left, I will move to this in production (server + 1 node) and keep you posted, thanks Tom