connecting FOG to glpi or OCS

  • hi everyone, I’m new to FOg project but I’m trying to connect GLPI or OCS to fog so that each machine reported in GLPI could be added to fog, after a research i’ve found this

    and that

    can any of these work with the latest release of fog or maybe there is another way I did not found?
    anyway thanks to the team for the great work on fog
    best regards

  • yes I looked at fog transfert code too because I managed to connect glpi and fog but it’s not working further
    and I’m not good enough with mysql to correct what’s wrong
    anyway thanks for the tip of csv import

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    @salora Just looking at the code for fogtransfert it looks a lot closer to working than the one for OSC. But it needs to be looked at with programmer eyes (not mine).

    I can say, if you have your hosts already listed in a csv format file, that can be imported into FOG no problem. Its not an automatic way, but at least you will not have to key everything in.

  • thank you for replying george
    I tried to contact the developper of fog transfert I’m waiting for an answer

    as I saw an interest from Tom elliot at the end of this topic

    I thought that maybe it would have been integrated to fog’s plugins

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    Those two systems (glpi and osc) interfaces are not supported by the FOG Project developers. They were created by outside developers by reverse engineering how the FOG database looked at the time. FOG has matured and grown by a lot since then. These plugins were developed for FOG 0.32.

    I’m sure its possible to get these functioning with FOG 1.3.x but it will take some skills. Have you tried to contact the developers of these interfaces to see if there is any interest in updating their code to support FOG 1.3.x (and very soon 1.4.0)?