UNSOLVED Keyboard not working in Fog on client

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    • FOG Version: 7945

    Hello all!

    Just got a batch of HP EliteDesk 800 minis with 7th Generation Intel Processors. When I boot to fog on the client, my keyboard stops working. I am unable to navigate the fog menus.

    The HP EliteDesk 800 mini with 6th Generation Intel Processors have no keyboard issues.

    I can set a task from the Fog Server for the client and it will image with no issues.

    HP bios is up-to-date.

    Fog Kernel was up-to-date as of last week Friday.

    Any ideas?

  • Moderator

    @FeasiblePear Have your admin update to the 1.4.0RC release over 1.3.5 stable. 1.3.5 stable had a bug with resizing hard drives under certain conditions. 1.4.0RC1 addressed this issue. I think the devs are up to 1.4.0RC8 which address a few other bugs from 1.3.5 stable. Its well worth the update to the current RC release.

  • I will ask my Linux admin to update Fog to the latest version to see if that helps.

  • Developer

    @FeasiblePear the boot menus are ipxe based. updating those files may solve your problem. i recommend updating to the latest stable, or latest RC release for the lastest bug fixes, feature additions, and improvements. (the new zstd compression alone is probably worth the update for a lot of people)