Error trying to save GPT partition tables when trying to Image Windows 10 desktop

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    • FOG Version: Running Version 1.3.0-RC-36
    • OS: Ubuntu
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    Hi there,

    My Fog server has been working fine with various Windows machines and MACs , except this one particular HP8300 which I’ve newly reinstalled and configured Window 10 on a 240GB SSD drive internally. So I’m trying to work with HP8300 for the first time with Fog. It registers fine with FOG, but when I try to capture the image, it hangs for some time at " Saving original disk/parts UUIDs" and then much later I get this " error trying to save GPT partition tables and Boot loaders Arg passed /dev/sda …" . I tried doing the whole process twice, reregister - create new image in fog, - but I still end up with the same error. Windows 10 works fine in the HP8300, I’m wondering if its some hardware error or something to do with Windows in that machine ?

  • Yeah, not closed until it’s actually working.

  • Senior Developer

    @froydo I am not comfortable just saying closed, just want to get to a point where we know things were worked before saying, try this or that.

  • ah no wonder - Fog was working so well all this while with my other machines and HP8300 is an old machine. ok Thanks Tom, I’ll plan an update then. Consider this case closed 🙂

  • Senior Developer

    Well we’re all the way into 1.4.0-RC’s now, and have a stable current release of 1.3.5, maybe you could update? 1.3.5 is important as it came with many fixes in regards to GPT imaging among other resizing pitfalls.

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