Migration from SVN to Stable

  • Hi,

    In my university we use a SVN version (7959). Is it possible to get the latest stable version without a reinstall of our server?


  • Developer

    @george1421 ah, that’s right. i forgot about that. that would make his version a month or two before the first 1.3.0 RC build. there shouldn’t be any problems with upgrading that.

  • Moderator

    @hernani Is there a decimal number related to this svn number?

    I know when we were on the trunk version of 1.2.0 we had numbers in the 8000 range. So your number is realistic for the trunk (dev build). If you are on the 1.2.0 trunk build, you can follow the same instructions for upgrading to trunk to get to the latest stable version 1.3.5.

  • that’s strange because on the mai page in the cloud is written… 7959 and when i see in configuration page, i’ve got this: Running Version: 7959

  • Developer

    @hernani the latest development version is 6069, so i’m sure you have the version number wrong, but if the version you have is older than the current stable release, you can upgrade to it.

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