SOLVED "Could not open inode XXXXXX through the library..." Windows 10 Sysprep Capture

  • @x23piracy

    I will be reviewing the link to your tutorial that @george1421 posted below, thank you for the input! We do not want users on the network using the windows store and seeing as Microsoft ‘locked down’ Windows 10 Pro in a push to get people on Enterprise, eliminating it from the base image became the decision. Your calculator implementation is a good idea. I also did not realize that the Windows 10 ‘shutdown’ isn’t the ideal state (thanks @george1421!) for capturing the sysprepped image.

  • Hi,

    do you let the sysprep process shutdown the machine?
    I would not recommend uninstalling the store and even the calculator app.

    If you really want to get quit the new calculator install this:

    FYI the new calculator has a problem if you like to paste numbers with a dot inside, for example 38.500,50€

    alt text

    Without the dot:

    alt text

    Our employees needs that in the customers center. therefore i removed new calc and installed the windows 7 calculator to our images 😉

    Removing the store may could give you problems with system, if you dont like your users to use it better lock it down with gpos:

    alt text

    Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Store -> Turn off the Store application

    EDIT: Locking the store down or blocking store apps doesnt work in Win 10 Pro Edition anymore this only work with Enterprise. hmmpf

    Regards X23

  • I think the disk is bad or going bad. Try on a different system with a different disk.

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    Our reference image has these packages removed and FOG captures the image just fine on single disk resizable.

    @x23piracy just posted this tutorial this AM: that may give you some guidance.

    Also know that on win10 shutdown isn’t really a shutdown, rather its an enhanced sleep mode. You can’t manually shutdown win10 and successfully capture it. To capture it correctly you must have sysprep power off the device.

  • RAW is not the “fix”.

    You’re doing something that’s pulling data out almost literally right before the disk is closed before reboot. I’d start by fixing that.

  • Update: I was able to get the image to capture after changing the image setting from Single disk - Resizeable to Raw Image.
    Now I suppose my question is - what effect will this have on my image and its deployability?