• I am having trouble imaging some Dell OptiPlex 3020’s and I am not sure why. I have been able to image this model without issue for about a year. I went to image 6 recently and I am unable to get the image that was working just fine to deploy? I also made a new image from scratch with a volume license Win7 disk and it will not gather or deploy correctly? I inherited Fog from someone else and I have very little general knowledge or problem solving using Fog.

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    @watson you just need to elevate your privileges to edit the file. what do you mean you lost the images?

  • @Junkhacker we are finally updated to fog 1.3.5 and Ubuntu version 14.04 LTS. Apache issues in Ubuntu 12. Now i am presented with a new challenge. When we log into fog (10./fog/management/) we get this (10./fog/management/?node=schema) and this message-
    Database Schema Installer / Updater
    Your database connection appears to be invalid. FOG is unable to communicate with the database. There are many reasons why this could be the case. Please check your credentials in /var/www/html/fog/lib/fog/config.class.php. Also confirm that the database is indeed running. If credentials are correct, and if the Database service is running, check to ensure your filesystem has enough space.

    We opened the config.class.php file as suggested and noticed that the password has “”. Tried to edit and it says we do not have permision. Is there a way to update this file from terminal? Not sure what to do at this point. looks like we lost all tjhe images so its ok if we move forward as a fresh install.

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    @watson if you’re running 0.32, i kind of assume you’re also running an old server OS too. you’ll need to update that too.

  • @Junkhacker we will give it a go. I believe it may create more issues but at least we can get some help.

  • This will help you with migrating. https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Migrate_FOG

    And @Junkhacker is right - I couldn’t help you with 0.32 - I’ve never even used it.

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    @watson first off, you’re really going to want to update to the latest version of fog. the number of improvements, enhancements and optimizations are huge.
    you’re going to have a hard time finding help with 0.32. it’s old, and frankly i’ve never used it (ok, i used it for a day, then started testing the development build, then 0.33b)
    also, the lastest version of fog is faster than 0.32. like, way way faster.
    i can assure you that the latest version of fog will work with the Optiplex 380 as well.

    of course make a backup before you try upgrading

  • Thanks for the fast response.
    fog version is 0.32
    windows 7 Pro 32 bit
    Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk (Not Resizable)
    Kernel 3.19.3

    We do a full wipe of the new machine using fog before loading windows, drivers, etc. Then we upload the image successfully. When we deploy the image to a new machine it get to about 8% and freezes. The machine has to be hard powered down. Dell 3010s are imaging correctly. We avoided updating Kernels because after the last update we lost the ability to image Dell OptiPlex 380.

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    @watson fog version, client version if you’re using it, windows version, image type (resizable, not resizable, etc) ?
    btw, my dedicated fog test machine is an Optiplex 3020, i can assure you that there are no issues with this model and fog, so whatever the issue is, we can help you figure it out.