UNSOLVED installer script error

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.0 RC1
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    • Service Version:
    • OS:

    Although i press N oder n, the script justs asks again. (I have hidden the IP of the FOG server in the screenshot.).
    0_1490958449089_installer skript.jpg

  • George is right. Without these things we can’t help much.

  • Moderator

    @david77 Knowing the private IP address is of this server is a bit trivial information, but helps us connect the dots with the issues. Knowing the public address is a different matter.

    One option is to post the clean details to either dropbox, google drive, or some other private file sharing site and send the link via FOG forum DM. So only one person has access to that link and you can tear it down when the need is gone.

    other things that would be interesting to know is output of ip addr show and in the bin folder (where the installer.sh script is) there is a log directory and inside that there may be an error log that may contain something useful to help debug this setup.

    Finally, when you started the install, did you use sudo command to launch the installer since you are using ubuntu?

  • @Tom-Elliott It is now the productive IP in our datacenter.

  • @david77 I’m still not understanding. Hiding the IP, unless it’s a public address, is pointless. In either case, your interface is not being populated, unless you are hiding that too?

  • @Tom-Elliott said in installer script error:

    This isn’t a bu

    No i typed in the IP correct, but i have not hidden the IP correclty. (Thanks for this.)

  • I see two things.

    First your "What is the IP address to be used by this FOG Server has the number 3, I don’t know what that is. (Did you type 3?) Either way, it wasn’t able to find an IP Address.

    Second “Would you like to change the default network interface from ?” would normally appear as something like: “Would you like to change the default network interface from eth0?”

    I’m guess, that because the IP isn’t found or not setup properly, it cannot find a NIC to work with.

  • This isn’t a bug.

    Your system doesn’t appear to be able to find a valid NIC to work with.