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    Would it be possible to create groups for snapins,

    1. this would help to keep organised
    2. and then be able to attach that snapin group to a host or host group?
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    Thanks Wayne, I do have similar groups for my hosts.

    What i meant was a way to group snapins. (If you have used PDQ, where you can put packages into folders)

    Take one of my primary schools, it uses 16 or so apps that are all from 2simple. I was after a way to put them all under a group/heading on the snapins page called 2simple.

    I have them assigned to the Primary IT Suite Host Group. But i was think more of a way to have the snapins page cleaner instead of one big list.

  • Groups are pretty flexible already - in that you can have as many as you like, and a host can be a member of more than one.

    If you create a group for every need you have (like I did) then you may end up with groups like this:

    • All - has every host.
    • Room 1234 - all hosts in room 1234
    • All Win7 - All hosts that are Win7
    • All Win10 - All hosts that are Win10
    • All Optiplex 7010s - Every host that is an Optiplex 7010
    • All Lenovo L530s - Every lenovo L530
    • All Desktops - everything without a battery.
    • All Laptops - Everything with a battery.
    • All Adobe Cloud - Everything that needs Adobe Cloud
    • All Firefox - all boxes that need firefox.
    • All Java - all boxes that need java.
    • Room 2345 printer - All hosts that need this printer.
    • Room 6789 printer - All hosts that need this printer.
    • Big Color Printer - All hosts that need the big color printer.
    • And so on…

    With groups like this, you can see how fast it would be to blast out the latest Java to all systems that need java - to deploy the latest version of Chrome to all systems, etc.

    This is how I kept things straight when I was using FOG for basically all my building’s needs. I would keep these groups up-to-date with the right hosts - and I’d just use the groups for everything.