• Dear Team,

    I’m wondering is this possible to install FOG Project on an EC2 instance and use that to deploy images to local Windows machines. I know this requires setting the Windows machines to boot via PXE.


  • It’s probably possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Moderator

    Firstly, I have no experience with FOG in EC2. But in general FOG should work running on AWS. The most difficult part will be getting the target computer to PXE boot.

    The initial protocol used to PXE boot is tftp. This is used by the target computer’s PXE ROM to download the boot file. tftp is not a very smart protocol and doesn’t work some times over a routed connection (i.e. server on one subnet and target on another). This is a limitation in the target computer’s firmware not FOG. If the target computer can get the iPXE kernel that is used to build the iPXE boot menu then it should work no problem. the FOG developers use the iPXE kernel because it can use the http protocol to get files and http works very well over a routed network.

    There are options to make PXE ROM booting work by placing a FOG storage node at each location (not on AWS), but then you are installing local hardware at each location, I would have to ask why use AWS then.