• We are running FOG 1.3.5 and just got in a new Dell XPS 13. We purchased the Dell USB-C ethernet adapter so we can PXE boot. I enabled Legacy boot options and can successfully boot into the fog menu. After adding the computer and then tried to deploy our image to it I received a getHardDisk error (see screenshot). I’m assuming this is because of the the NVME drive. Is there a way of getting around this error?


    Picture of Error

  • Thanks for the suggestions! All our other systems are imaging just fine. I Dell has some kinks to work out with this system. When I try to PXE boot with the drive in AHCI mode the system hangs at a black screen and doesn’t even attempt to boot.

  • Most often I see this because the bios is presenting the disk in raid which fog doesn’t recognize

  • You need to see what the hard drive is being mounted as, and pass that on as the disk info in FOG for it to recognize. NVME and EMMC drives are bad for this, as they don’t show up as a traditional disk.

    I’d take a look at what you got when you registered the laptop, and pass that in the host files on the web interface.

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    All other systems are running fine, except this XPS? (just trying to determine where the problem is not)

    Running through the fog compatibility tests (in the ipxe menu) also shows the disk is at fault?