Headers for CSV files for 'Hosts' and 'Images' import...

  • Where can I find the headers for the CSV files that I export from the ‘Export Images’ and ‘Export Hosts’ menu items?

    I am in the situation that I have had to install anew without a backup but have a large collection of Partclone images made with FOG 1.2.0 that I would like to import, so I need to know what fields are necessary to include in a .CSV file for uploading.
    Same goes for the headers of the upload file for hosts.

    FOG is v1.3.5 SVN 6067

  • I’m having a problem where my Ubuntu desktop freezes and I restore it from a back up. When I do that it does not sync with my /images/ folder where all of my images are. I’ve created my own CSV file to upload into fog, however, I’m running into the problem of figuring out the size and server size, so what goes into column G and R. If someone can help me figure out those two pieces of information from the images I already have I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  • @Quazz I did!
    Problem is that the exported CSV files don’t have headers either and there’s plenty of room for disambiguation. The parameters in the CSV files are not in the order they appear in the GUI either.

    I DID get a fair way by changing various parameters in the GUI, re-export, and then compare where the changes show up in the CSV files. I reckon that Tom Elliott has just given me what I need to finish it.

    Thanks to both of you!

  • @Tom-Elliott #wiki worthy

  • Hosts require two fields at minimum.


    So the way it might look with a single mac would be:

    With multiple macs it may look like:

    For all other elements it’s based on the fields required to store the item which can be found in the respective class.

    In the case of images you would have:

    Name, Description, Path, created time, created by, building, size, imageTypeID, imagePartitionTypeID, osID, size, captured date, format, magnet, protected, compress, isEnabled, to replicate, server size,

    Required fields are:
    Name, Path, imagetypeID, osID

    So a valid image csv with only required information would be:

    Of course if you wanted to use it right away you might have:

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    Create a dummy image and host, export as csv and use those as templates.