Install FOG 1.3.3 with wget or git

  • Hello,
    I have FOG 1.3.3 and i’m totally satisfied of it. I want to write an update procedure for my colleagues, but I can’t reach fog_1.3.3.tar.gz with git and wget download an empty file. I’ve tried to download on github with Firefox but the file is only 15M instead of 71M (comparing with the file in my reference server)
    Does 1.3.3 download is broken?

  • @Wayne-Workman said in Install FOG 1.3.3 with wget or git:


    Ok, thank you. I will try 1.3.5 before ending my procedure.

  • @Lenain At this moment, I’d recommend fog 1.3.5. It has a lot of fixes.

    I do not recommend staying on a certain version for long, and I would discourage others from doing this - I feel it is bad practice.

    However, to get 1.3.3 via git, do a git clone as usual. This clones the entire repository - and that’s fine. Then, inside of the fogproject directory, use this command to checkout 1.3.3.

    git checkout 7b58058d5bc06676907d75b466623144b07facdf

    That’s the commit hash for 1.3.3. After this, you can do a git status and run the installer and see the version number 1.3.3, etc.

    You can also later go into the fogproject directory and switch to the latest like this:

    git checkout master;git pull

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Thanks for answering but I don’t want to update to fog 1.3.4 but to fog 1.3.3, if I follow your instruction it install FOG 1.3.4.

  • @Lenain

    This would be the initial command to run for setting up the local git repository. Do this as root. Become root with sudo -i
    cd /root;git clone
    After that completes, from that point forward you could automate updating the OS & FOG with this line. You would copy/paste the whole thing - it’s a bunch of commands one after the other - and will put you on whatever is the latest stable. Again, this is done as root.

    apt-get -y update;apt-get -y dist-upgrade;apt-get -y autoclean;apt-get -y autoremove;cd /root/fogproject;git pull;git checkout master;git reset --hard;git pull;cd bin;./ -y;reboot

  • Thanks for your help, I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and my git version is 1.9.1

  • I’d recommend you write the procedure using git instead to pull the latest stable version. This is very easy to do, git does all the heavy lifting.
    Also, you’ll want to use the -y argument with the fog installer so it just goes instead of asking questions.

    What OS are you using? What version of git? git --version The newer versions in Ubuntu/Debian allow for specifying a path, the old versions in RHEL7 and CentOS7 didn’t.