UNSOLVED Power Management - Switch off only logged out machines.

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.5-RC-10
    • OS: Ubuntu
    • Service Version: 0.11.9
    • OS: Windows7 Pro

    I have another thread (https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/9635/power-management-logged-in-or-not) but having spoken with Tom outside of the thread on chat (very helpful as usual) we where still unable to produce the effect of before.

    “the goal is to shutdown pc’s at night if not in use.
    But if i send a FOG job to required, it should still countdown etc… and complete.”

    The options seem to be there. Please can you take a look

  • Senior Developer

    @ITCC this would definitely be a feature request. Power Management takes the approach of “If the user is away, they get logged off, and the machine is shut off”. You may be better off to use either GPO or snapins to achieve this. For example, schedule a CRON snapin that just checks if any users are logged on, otherwise it shutsdown.

  • Moderator

    While this does not answer your question.

    We took a different route with this problem. We setup a gpo policy to hibernate the computer after 3 hrs of inactivity. I can say in our office we have people that only log out when forced to. Otherwise they stay logged in, so the shutdown on logout would never work for us. At least with the hibernate after 3 hours of inactivity we get some power saving either way. We do have an exemption for those that run processes overnight so their system will not have this GPO applied.

  • I believe this falls under the “Feature Requests”.

    Power management tasks are intended to work with or without user’s being logged in, though I don’t know if it cares about the “Enforce even if users are logged in” setting.

    Power management feature is meant as a more powerful alternative to the old GreenFOG system. You set a schedule (cron style nearly) and the systems just follow the information.

    Of course maybe I’m not thinking correctly here, it does happen quite often.