• I was looking through some old threads here on the forums and noticed that back in the 0.3x days, there was a class offered in Illinois. There was a cost associated with it, but you walked away with a server (desktop) fully loaded and ready to put into your environment.

    I know that the forums have come SO far since then and there is a seemingly endless knowledge base, but was just wondering if the idea of another class would ever be brought up/offered again.

  • I’ve wanted to give FOG classes for years. But it’d take more than just you signing up for them (paying in advance too, I shall not be blown off).

  • Was just curious. I personally enjoy class settings. The forums are a HUGE help and everyone is extremely responsive. Like I said, there is already a massive knowledge base out there on FOG.

    Was just asking for curiosity sake.

  • Developer

    @Scott-Adams i’m under the impression that cost is one of the main reasons people choose FOG to begin with (of course, they stick around because they realize how awesome it is, but anyway…) so i don’t know how many people would be willing to pay for classes. as it is, there’s a lot of written tutorials, and a few video tutorials.

    of course, that’s just my opinion, do you think there is much interest in classes?