FOG Client Deployment / Host IP in Client

  • Server
    • FOG Version: Running Version 1.3.4
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Service Version: 0.11.9
    • OS: Windows 7

    Is their any way I can remotely install the FOG client to multiple machines without having to touch each machine?

    Also, is their a way I can set an IP address within the installer instead of using fogserver as the hostname within the installer? I just changed my hostname on my server to reflect the “fogserver” name but my DNS is taking forever to update on my AD server…

    Thanks all!


    Joe Gill

  • Hi,

    i hardly recommend PDQ Deploy for easy deployments if you hate GPO’s ;)
    Also the way with ORCA is possible but for what you have a switches for cli.

    alt text

    I have it licensed to pro mode but simple deployments can also be done in free mode.
    PDQ Deploy is very powerful, take a look :)

    PDQ has AD integration and can also suck hosts from Spiceworks.

    Regards X23

  • An update to this… I was able to use Orca and change the IP address in the MSI file to reflect our static IP of our server.

    Admin, this topic can be closed. Thanks!

  • @Joe-Schmitt

    Awesome! Thanks!! The wiki solved my problem!

    I’ll look into those tools to deploy the MSI.


  • Senior Developer

    @Joe-Gill , and you can use whatever you prefer to deploy the MSI (GPO, PDQ, remote powershell, …)

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