• When renaming a PC through fog the process is that it UN-joins the domain, rename the PC and rejoin the domain. The problem I am seeing with this process is when it UN-joins the domain the computer in the AD tree while sometimes it is deactivated other times its not and it also still leaves the old PC name in DNS, which has caused issues with other applications & services. Any ideas on how to make this process better?

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    @Troye-Johnson this issue is patched in v0.11.12.

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    @Troye-Johnson this issue is patched in v0.11.12.

  • Pinging @Joe-Schmitt on this. A while back I had similar issues within Active Directory, and Joe wrote code for the new client so it disables the old object & makes a new one in Active Directory with the proper name. If the client isn’t disabling the old object, it means the domain joining credentials you have configured in the FOG Server don’t have the permission to disable computer objects - probably. But Joe could probably explain what’s going on under the hood.

  • Thanks Tom, you never fail me ill give it a try.

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  • You may think about updating to the RC versions of 1.3.5.

    The latest, currently, is RC-10 and it comes with FOG Client 0.11.10.

    This version addressed a problem with shutdown boxes showing blank text potentially (in regards to internationalization). 0.11.8 (which came with FOG 1.3.1) is to address domain unbinding issues very similar to what you’re describing here.

    I’d say start with updating and see if it helps.