UNSOLVED User self deployment, howto force one image only?

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    • FOG Version: RC10


    i need the ability to create an image from a machine and then the user should deploy that when ever he wants by simple booting from network a choose the image from the quick image entry but fog is showing all images to the client.

    Is there a way to only show one specific image to a specific client?

    If possible without any logon to an advanced menu or something, if that is not possible i can create a fog mobile account.
    Currently the client is a registered host, if possible i would also like to have that without registered host.

    Regards X23

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    One might think FOG is pretty close to what you want today. If you go into the quick image menu FOG today displays a list of all images, but the default image assigned to that workstation is selected by default. So FOG knows the defined image for that computer, the trick (solution) is to not have fog show all the other images. After the menu timeout the defined image is started if no one touches the keyboard.

    While I’m sure it not as easy as this, but if you could find the sql commands used to display that menu, one might be able to tweak it to only show the assigned image.

    This was just an idea, without any basis of fact in the code.

  • This is related to access controls, which FOG 1.x doesn’t have, not really. Options are fog mobile, or full admin. Access controls are something that are already part of the 2.0 rewrite.

    I’d give them a mobile account and tell them what image to use.