Storage Node Not working since i upgraded the storage node to 1.3.4

  • My storage node now displays this message “A valid database connection could not be made”

  • Senior Developer

    @royg706 Updating any version of svn is not going to put you on the RC’s as requested.

    Open terminal and become root.

    From there run:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install git
    cd /root
    git clone
    cd fogproject
    git checkout dev-branch
    git pull
    cd bin
    ./ -y


  • ubuntu version 14.04.5 LTS
    I cannot recall the version that it was on previously it was a trunk version i got back in november of 2016. There was connection between the server and storage node. However when i upgraded the storage node to 1.3.4 the connection broke.
    yes it has the proper password.

    I am unable to upgrade to the newest trunk now. I get the following error.

    SVN: E000111: Unable to connect to a respository at URL ‘

    SVN: E0000111: Error running context: connection refused

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    Assuming you’re running Ubuntu as the OS, would you be willing to install 1.3.5-RC-7?

    I’m aware of some issues, though I don’t know exactly what they are/were, that seem to be corrected for under the 1.3.5 series. RC 7 was just released today which also comes with a new FOG Client and should work properly for your needs here.

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    What version did you upgrade from?

    The error basically says the storage node can not connect to the fog server’s database.

    So I have to ask the questions

    1. What version of fog did you upgrade from?
    2. Is both the fog server and storage node on the same FOG release?
    3. When you setup the storage node did you give it the proper fog (linux) account password?

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