Upgrade from 1.3.0 RC to 1.3.4 Release?

  • I have searched for an answer to this question but haven’t found anything “official”. We’re running FOG 1.3.0 RC 37 on Ubuntu Server 14.04 and I want to upgrade to the ‘official’ 1.3.4 release. If I go through Git I assume I’ll get the latest RC, so would I just download the 1.3.4 installer and mount it, then install over the top of my current installation? And will it simply update all of my FOG Clients to 0.11.9?

    Sorry if the answer to this is blatantly obvious, I’m at a loss as far as which protocol to follow. TIA!

  • Huh, simply change the Git repo… Perfect, worked a charm! Thanks, Wayne!

  • The installation files are available in a nice bundled package - but I’d really recommend just using git to manage your installation files. I’d even say it’s simpler.

    You’ve already used git I would think because you’re on an RC, but you might have uses svn, I don’t know… If you’ve used git to get the RC you have, all you need to do is navigate to your fogproject directory, wherever you put it.

    If you have no idea where that is, you can find it like this:
    find / | grep /fogproject/bin/installfog.sh
    That command translates to english as:
    Find all files, start the search in the base directory - pipe the output to grep, and only display output that has the path /fogproject/bin/instalfog.sh somewhere in it.

    That should give you where the fogproject directory is. Just cd to there and run git pull and then when that’s done, run git checkout master and then cd into the bin directory and launch the installer with ./installfog.sh -y

    If the find command doesn’t return anything, you’re best just following the wiki article and pull down a fresh copy of the fog repository. More details here:

    You can also Google search “switching git branches” and “update git repository” to get a wealth of information.