.33 beta - ext4 partitions as ext3fs?

  • Installed the .33 beta and am trying to image a RHEL 6.3 system. Unfortunately it does not detect the filesystem and tries to image the ext4 partition as ext3fs. Any ideas?


    From what I can tell by looking at screenshots of Partclone, it appears that .33 is loading up Partimage instead. This was a fresh install of .33 beta. I thought Partclone was the new software in init.gz. Confused…


  • Developer

    The biggest problem is that partimage images will not work with partclone.

    partimage has not been updated in years, where partclone is still under development.

  • http://freeghost.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/freeghost/[/U]

    Don’t upgrade your production system obviously. There are quite a few features that do not work yet.
    Read through the “Bugs in FOG 0.33” thread and post successes and failures.


  • Partclone is in FOG’s new boot image, however the scripts that are triggered for imaging still call Partimage. At this point the option to switch the “imaging engine” has not been fleshed out in the UI, so if you would like to test Partclone you would need to do it manually.

  • where can i get a copy off .33 beta

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