Does FOG have a software inventory feature? Good freeware tools for that or license management?

  • I’ve noticed with the current FOG version we have installed (1.1.2), that the Inventory only tracks PC hardware components, not a list of what software is on a computer (it appears there is something that can list printers if you want) so I’m wondering if FOG has a 1) software inventory option, 2) if not, Windows-based or free options to inventory software on dozens of computers in a business, 3) on the topic of software, what would you recommend via FOG or some other free solution for software license management? I’m aware of Windows 7’s VAMT (Volume Activation Management Tool) but are there others that can stream Windows 7, 10 and even Mac’s?

  • @danpbow create a batch script (with .bat extension) to do exactly as you need.

    At the end of the wmic command tack on output redirection like > \\x.x.x.x\my_share$\%computername%.txt

    Ending a share name with $ in windows makes it undiscoverable, this is a security thing I recommend you do. The share should allow read/write in the share and security tabs for anonymous logon - this is because the fog client runs as system on the local machine.

    Once the script is working manually, you would create a new snapin and use the batch template and upload the script. Then just try it out on a few hosts in fog web interface.

  • @george1421 Thanks for the suggestions!

  • @Wayne-Workman Hi Wayne, that’s interesting. I was able to run wmic on my PC but how do I create a snapin to run that command on a network of computers, wanting the output file to go on a share like our server? In FOG, which we use for imaging, they have this Snapin Management functionality but I don’t know how it works. - 0_1486402407644_SnapinManagement.JPG

  • You can create a snapin that runs wmic and puts the output file onto a writable anonymous hidden share.

  • Hi,

    i can also recommend als the products from PDQ, i use PDQ Deploy for Rollouts and Inventory for Inventory 😉
    FYI i am a licensed PDQ Deploy Pro User, such a great piece of software!
    What also should be mentioned is Spiceworks but remember it’s an us product and they will gain a lot of information about your inventory. Trust them or not 😉 i do…

    Regards X23

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    FOG current does not inventory software. That is something that was talked about for FOG 2.0. But it also brings into question what is the focus of FOG. Is it an imaging tool or a system management tool that also does imaging. The point being the direction for FOG hasn’t been defined just yet.

    If you are looking for a really nice and free software to inventory your campus then look at Spiceworks (the application). This tool is really mature and just works. If you are only interested in software inventory and possibly application deployment then I might suggest PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy. They have free versions, but the paid for versions are well worth the minimal cost.

    For software license management I would again look at Spiceworks.

    If I was setting up a SMB, and needed affordable tools, I would go with Spiceworks for helpdesk, hardware, software inventory, purchasing, PDQ Deploy for software deployments (which can hook into FOG) and or PDQ Inventory for software inventory (the paid for versions allow you to create software policies) , FOG for imaging, then a few free tools from Netwrix, ManageEngine, and SolarWinds to fill in the gaps.