Is there a roadmap for FOG

  • Just wondering what are the plans for future releases?
    Also any ideas when the next release will be out. Last year there were three releases and so far none for this year.

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    You can [COLOR=#0000ff][U][U][URL=‘’][U][COLOR=#0000ff]donate[/COLOR][/U][/URL][/U][/U][/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff][COLOR=#0000ff].[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000ff][COLOR=#0000ff] [COLOR=#000000]You can help users on the forums. The “[COLOR=#0000ff][U][URL='’][U][COLOR=#0000ff]What’s New?[/COLOR][/U][/URL][/U][/COLOR]” link near the top i[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s invaluable.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000ff][COLOR=#0000ff][COLOR=#000000]You can update the WIKI if you know something that isn’t already posted.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

  • Fog is simply awesome. We’re moving closer to using it to replace altiris DS (version 8 i think…).

    Anyway, FOG is making my life at work so much easier. I have immense gratitude for the people who develop it. The forums are very friendly and the developers are kind, generous and patient with their time.

    I’d like to contribute something, but unfortunately, I’m not a coder. Besides coding, what other ways can I help the the project and the developers?


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    The developers are busy with their paying jobs at the moment and only have minimal time to commit to Fog. Version 0.33 is nearing beta stages, but still unstable.

    As for a roadmap, no idea. Generally the community asks for stuff and the developers give what they can when they can.