UNSOLVED Fog Replicator error to storage node

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.0
    • OS: ubuntu 16.04 server
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    Apologies if this subject already covered elsewhere if so please point me in the right direction.

    I have just upgrade my server to U16.04.1 and also my Storage node. I have installed version 1.3.0 on the server and my storage node is 1.3.3.

    I have added the storage node to the Fog Server and have a number of images that I wish to replicate. I stop and start the FogReplicator service and after about 5 seconds I recieve the following error in the log.

    “[01-26-17 11:58:46 am] * Type: 2, File: /var/www/html/fog/lib/fog/fogftp.class.php, Line: 463, Message: ftp_login(): Login incorrect., Host:, Username: fog”

    Grateful for any pointers.

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    @scouseboy99 Just to be clear here, you built two complete FOG servers and then assigned one as a master node and one as a slave node? If this is the case you have a non-standard setup. There are valid reasons for setting up this configuration and it does work well with one caveat.

    The typical setup would be to setup the remote server as a FOG storage node from the installer. A fog storage node is a full fog server but without a local database. In this configuration the storage node uses the database from the master node so its aware of all images that is replicated to itself.

    In your setup you have two independant FOG databases. The replicator will still copy the images from the master node to the remote fog node just like with a remote storage node. The problem comes is that there is no (current) way for the master fog server to update the database on the remote fog server. There is a way to manage this. You can export the image definitions from the master FOG server and then manually import them into the remote fog server to synchronize the image definitions in the remote database. It sounds a bit complicated, but its not. You just have to remember if you add a new image to the master node, the image WILL be replicated to the remote fog server, you just need to manually add/import the image definition into the remote fog server’s database.

  • Guys,

    I have now managed to find time to build two identical servers running 16.04.1. They are both fully updated before installing Fog.

    I have install fog from the git hub (1.3.4) - configuring one server as the master node (fog server) and the other as a storage node.

    I notice that when I go to Fog config from the dashboard, both servers show up and report the correct fog version and image versions. Am i right in thinking that the adding of a storage node is now included in the install script or are there any other steps I need to perform to ensure that the images on the fog server (master) are replicated to the Storage Node.

    Thanks again for the support

  • @scouseboy99 said in Fog Replicator error to storage node:

    have installed version 1.3.0 on the server and my storage node is 1.3.3.

    Always have matching versions of FOG on the central main server and all attached storage nodes.

    There are some times that mismatched versions might work, but if you follow the rule of “Always have matching versions” that’s just one less thing that could be the issue.

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    I’m confused.

    It worked or it didn’t work? Configuration files won’t have any impact on anything. The only config file that should be updated is the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file. This is simply so the next install/update you run will maintain your expected fog user password. Editing the file will have no impact on the functionality of FTP though.

    You also need to ensure the Storage Management Page -> (Relevant storage node) -> Management User/Password are correct.

  • Tom,

    thanks for the pointer. To update, I have been able to put and get a text file from a remote machine using the guide in the post.

    I tried with the admin login successful, then I tried with the fog login - this failed. I reset the user “fog” password and tried with the new password. This was a success also.

    I then stopped and started the FOG replicator service and I received the same error.

    I am missing something where I have to change the fog user password in one of the config files?



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