Use provided USB to make FOG image?

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    A client would like to give us a USB containing an already-sysprepped offline deployment of Windows 7 from MDT, complete with unattend file.

    Is it possible for me to copy the contents of that USB onto /images in our FOG server and then network-boot a lab from that image? The idea is that we’d pull the image down on each workstation, leaving them switched off, and then switch the lab to a dedicated VLAN with connection to their DC’s, enabling the workstations to auto-join their domain on first boot.

    Note that I’m not talking about - I don’t want to have a USB ISO for each workstation, I just want to use the contents of a USB to make a normal pxeboot image.


  • I see. Thanks everyone for your help. For this customer, we’ll just use USB’s initially (since they told us yesterday they’d changed their deployment method and we need it by Friday…) and then see if we can work to a better long-term solution after that.

    Thanks everyone!

  • George is spot on with all his posts here.

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    @stephzylstra said in Use provided USB to make FOG image?:

    @george1421 MDT does definitely have some post-install scripts to do. I believe the customer is scripting out the OOBE setup so it will go straight to the desktop.

    If this usb image installs correctly and completely at your locaito (away from the MDT server) you should be OK. If you expect the MDT server to complete an install started via FOG, I feel you will be out of luck.

    We use MDT to build our reference image, sysprep it and then shut down the reference system. Then we pxe boot it and finally we capture it with FOG.

  • @Tom-Elliott I guess I figured a sysprepped computer would know once it had been deployed and behave differently, if that’s not the case then placing the image on the system is probably the easiest solution.

  • @Wayne-Workman I don’t have the USB yet - just trying to determine if it’s viable at this stage. All I know is it’s an “Offline deployment USB media from MDT”.

  • @george1421 MDT does definitely have some post-install scripts to do. I believe the customer is scripting out the OOBE setup so it will go straight to the desktop.

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    @Tom-Elliott I agree, the OP will need to catch the image install just as the Litetouch WinPe image places the image on the target computer and starts the reboot into OOBE. Power off the target computer just as it restarts before OOBE starts configuring the PC. Power off the computer then power it on into a PXE boot and capture with FOG.

    The other thing/issue the OP may run into is if the image relies on MDT to finish the system configuration. i.e. litetouch is still running post OOBE setup. You would be able to test this part by installing the image on a test system on an isolated network. If it installs correctly then mdt is not needed.

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    You should place the image on a system and once done immediately upload the image into fog.

    I don’t know what benefits you’re worried of losing. If the image is already ready to go, then there would not be any difference.

    The only part you might need to be cautious of is the deploy process itself. Make sure to place the image on the system, and once the image is done make sure the system doesn’t boot into Windows.

  • What format is the image in on the usb stick? Can you post a screen shot of it’s files?

  • I also don’t want to use the USB drive to install the provided image, and then capture from there, because I’m under the impression if I did that, we wouldn’t get the benefits of having the already sysprepped machine.