ipxe-booterror after update to 1.3.3/1.3.4-RC?

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.4-RC1
    • OS: Deb 8.6
    • Service Version: 11.8
    • OS: Win7-SP1

    We had similar problems as described in this thread.

    After switching to the “working 1.3.4”-branch (and also after switching to the dev-branch today), our fog-clients work fine now again (cheers) but we suddenly get the following error during the pxe-boot:


    (i have to admit, that i also installed a few updates on my debian during the update. maybe i bugged a fog-service not to run properly anymore?)

    any help with our running system highly appreciated! Thanks for your great work on this project!

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Thanks for the quick fix. PXE-Boot is working again now! You are not only a good developer but also rocket-fast ;-)

  • Moderator

    @Tom-Elliott thanks, will re-pull later.
    Edit: all working :-)

  • Senior Developer

    Please re-pull and install?

    I added a hook but had the wrong calling method.

    It was calling ‘process’ where I meant to be calling processEvent

  • Moderator

    What might be interesting to see is if the OP keyed in the following from a browser window

    This will display the fog iPXE menu contents destined for the host defined by the mac address. I’m going to suspect that the menu contents are not complete. Please post the results here in a code box.

    Also the OP should look at the end of the apache error log for any useful errors.

    And finally, knowing what you expected the host to do (i.e. did you assign a task to the host). That will help the developers understand the contents of the iPXE menu.

  • Moderator

    if a task is set, the task works etc.

  • Moderator

    I too am seeing this with 1.3.4-RC1 when a host is booting up, also using Debian OS 8.6

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