Is there a way to upgrade to .33 beta?

  • Is there a way to upgrade an existing .32 box to the .33 beta? I understand its not stable yet, but my box isn’t a production machine. Just really wanted to test out partclone and ext4 support.

  • Thanks for the replies. Just ended up doing a fresh .33 install. Trying to image a RHEL 6.3 machine but it keeps trying to image the machine as EXT3FS and not EXT4. Can’t figure out why.


    From what I can tell by looking at screenshots of Partclone, it appears that .33 is loading up Partimage instead. This was a fresh install of .33 beta. I thought Partclone was the new software in init.gz. Confused…

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    You can download the latest Fog code using subversion and the instructions on the SourceForge webpage for Fog (freeghost).

    I did this in VirtualBox setting up a Fog server and a few clients. The current code base is missing a few things and some things don’t work yet.

    You might try just using the init image and kernel from svn and see if they work for what you need.

  • As far as I am aware, 0.33 is NOT backward compatible at this point. Some database tables have been modified, in ways that don’t align with 0.32, which can cause plenty of errors. I would recommend simply performing a clean installation of 0.33 and then importing your hosts using the host CSV upload method (not sure if this functionality has been tested recently so it might not function correctly, but it is the quickest method I am aware of).