UNSOLVED Can multiple fog servers use the same storage?

  • I work with a school system where we have 17 different subnets with a fog server on each. I was wondering if I can have all 17 fog servers look at the same storage node?

  • The school district I used to work for, we had about 15 servers on 15 different subnets. All of them were tied together to a central server, and we used the location plugin. I’m the guy that set all of that up.

    If you have 17 sites - one lonely little storage node won’t cut it. In the summer when all the technicians are imaging everything non-stop, you will fall behind because it won’t keep up with the pace you need. You need to run a storage node at each site and tie them all to a central server - and use the location plugin.

  • Moderator

    My intuition is asking “What?? 17 fog servers on 17 subnets!!” How big is your campus? How many sites are involved here? I have to think you are going about this, somewhat wrong.

    But to answer your question, yes its possible.