Is there any way to prevent FOG from automatically overwriting images

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    FOG Version: 1.3.0-RC-22
    OS: CentOS

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any way I can prevent FOG from automatically overwriting images.

    I just clicked ‘capture image’ from a host with the intention of creating a new image, instead I ended up overwriting the live current image that I use for all our normal pcs.

    Ideally I guess that you could update an image incrementally (only store differences to the previous image) and so build a history.

    Alternatively just a really clear message in the GUI saying ‘You are about to overwrite an image, are you sure?’ would work too…

  • Hi there,

    thank you for the answers, this will work! automated versioning would be nice, be requires a lot of setting up and storage.

  • George’s answer is how to protect an image in FOG.

    I’ll add a little more to it though. If you want to keep your old image while making a completely new image, create a new image in Image Management, and then assign the new image to the host you wish to capture from.

    At my old job, I named images with month and year included in the name. I purposely left out the day because I didn’t care to get that precise and just makes the name longer - thus making under-the-hood work more difficult because names are longer. I.E. Optiplex_7010_Jan_2017 or Lenovo_L530_July_2016

    After the new image has been properly vetted, use Group Management to assign the image to the correct hosts en-mass.

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    You can protect the image once it has been captured. Just go into the image and pick the check box label Protected.

    Also side note, you might want to consider upgrading to 1.3.0 or the 1.3.1-RC branch since you are about 15 revisions behind. Outside of that the protected option has been in the software since the early 1.2.0-trunk versions.

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