login reports not showing correctly

  • :::::EDIT: Fog Version = 1.3.0 Official release- OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    This one it’s not a huge pressing matter (at least to me) and perhaps other issues take precedence. But The “Host and Users” section of the Reports submenu, used to show me a list of hosts along with the users that had logged into it as well as the time and date they had logged in. Now it doesn’t show anything 0_1483552307607_invreport.PNG
    The information is still saved in the database, given that if I select a specific machine in “Login history” it will show the users that have logged into that specific machine. 0_1483552414738_loghistory.PNG
    (i dont even know why I scratched the usernames, I’m sure you could still figure them out if you tried)
    but the opposite action will not work either, selecting only the username and no specific machine will return nothing, it would be a nice feature if someone wanted to figure out what machines a person logged into without going through each machine.

  • To follow up, when 1.3.1 RC3 is out, you can get it by following these steps:

  • Thank you very much. You guys are awesome!

  • Senior Developer

    So I’ve found that the first link you showed (The hosts and users) report and basically recoded it so it would work properly.

    I also found the issue in regards to the “Login history” you were describing and fixed this as well. It will be out when RC-3 comes out to play.

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