• Hello Foggers,

    Are there users who tried using FOG on a XenServer installation?
    Our company desires to standardize our virtualisation technology, but desires to do this in Citrix XenApp instead of KVM (which I am using right now).

    Are there any issues reported lately with FOG 1.3; or things I need to consider?

  • Well we have run FOG on xen (it is not the Citix xenserver product) for years. Currently on 1.2 but just today made a copy of the VM to upgrade to 1.3 (We need Vista and to a lesser degree XP). We use it to process old PCs going out the door, DBAN wipe, Bios updates, asset tag removal, and imaging with the OEM OS. We have probably processed over 5,000 PCs (and some Macs, different story) over the years.

    Do you have specific questions or just researching?

  • Many people run FOG inside of VMware, Virtual box, Hyper-V, KVM… Xen couldn’t be much different honestly.

  • That gives me good hopes. I’ll create a test setup and post any issues or results that I might experience.
    Thanks for the quick replies!

  • Moderator

    Only thing I can imagine being a bit troublesome would be the NIC/Virtual NIC setup, but should be fine.

  • Senior Developer

    None that I’m aware of. To be honest, I haven’t heard of anybody using a setup on XenServer, but the principles are the same (or should be) regardless of the VM environment you’re working with.