UNSOLVED Fog "menu* won't show up on client (stuck after fog/service/bg.png ok)

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.0
    • OS: kubuntu 14.04
    • OS: windows 10
    Fog "menu* won’t show up on client


    I had the problem to get the initialising stuck (iPXE initialising devices)
    I could solve it with a bios update…

    I know get further but also get stuck.

    I Recieve a dhcp answer on net1 but after (http// … ok)
    Nothing happens… the ip is the fog server ip btw…

    I couldn’t find anything in the Forum that helps with this problem (proof me wrong :D).
    I don’t know if i am supposed to change some bios settings or if its a problem of the fog server?.


  • ok. i finally figured it out 😄

    Problem is whit my Mainboard.

    Cloud test my fog with other computers and they worked just fine.

  • @Dogy007 Dude you can’t give up that easily - this is I.T. and giving up that fast is not acceptable no matter what your title or where you work. If you want to move forward in your career - like in any other career - you must put forth effort.

    The first thing you should have done is Google searched the terminology that George and Tom used. And not just once but many times with a phrase change to each search. Read results, read read read.

    You can start your reading here:
    After reading that, you should be able to tell us what DHCP Option 067 is set to on your DHCP server.

  • Thx for your support. But i have to say that i could not follow your tipps. i think my knowledge about this stuff is a bit to little 😄 (as i have absolutly no clue what option 67 is or where to find undionly.kpxe.) I will may try later again with a fog server, if there will be a video tutorial from someone to do it =D

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    Along with Tom’s request, what precisely do you have for dhcp option 67?

    We did have an issue last summer where bg.png would download and then bzImage would freeze at a certain percentage of download.

    Can we also get the details on that motherboard? Is the NIC, LOM or an add on card?

    Does FOG image other hardware at your site OK, just this one is troubled?

  • Senior Developer

    What is the boot file you’re currently using? I’m going to guess you’re using undionly.kpxe, would you mind seeing if undionly.kkpxe will work for you (Notice the difference – undionly.kpxe vs. undionly.kkpxe – there’s one with a single k and the other is with 2 k's.)

  • It is hostet on an newer custom built Desktop Tower. I don’t know about a location Plugin?
    the fog web Server is in the same subnet. an the IP Adress from it gets automatically found when i try to boot over ipxe.

  • Is this problem host an older Lenovo? Are you using the location plugin? Is the problematic host and the fog web server in the same subnet?