UNSOLVED client freezes while deploying & disrupts traffic via internet switch

  • Hi

    While imaging a whole classroom with the same computers, I encountered 2 clients which have the same problem:
    Every time I try to deploy my (working!) image, partclone freezes at a random percentage.
    I tried: changed fog server (other computer + installed trunk), checked SSD in client, full wipe SSD on client, checking every connection in client, using other keyboard/mouse/… on client, using other network connection (on other switch)…
    We noticed that when partclone freezes, the client creates problems with the network connection on every devices connected to the same network switch… (as if there were a loop on our network)

    Anyone any ideas or suggestions?

  • Senior Developer

    More information needed. What version of FOG are you running? The clients that “suddenly” freeze: Are they in a multicast tasking?

    What OS is the Server?

    Partclone leads me to think you’re somewhat newer, but I cannot help without this information.

    That said, as @Quazz stated, maybe these devices have bad NICs or bad firmware on the NICs that trip for no apparent reason? As @Wayne-Workman suggested, due to the “random” point of the freezes please reseat your RAM on these problem systems just to see if this helps anything.

  • Reset the RAM in those. Also try a different hdd in them. These are the initial troubleshooting steps I would do in your situation. Results from these things determine what to do next, if anything.

    Also try a dumb switch, try different network ports in the room.

  • Moderator

    Potentially a problematic NIC? If it’s the exact same NIC as in the other one ones, it might be experiencing some issues.

    Also, if you can, trim the SSDs.