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    • FOG Version: 1.3.0 /23
    • OS: winxp
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    Im looking how to generate and random sid number while cloning, I do loads of machines a week and at the moment can only clone them to certain point.

    Is there anyway i can do it to speed up process?

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    @digi newsid was retired for a reason. The creator posted a massive post about it, read up if you have time its a good read. x23 posted a piece of it below, I recommend reading it in full.

    But, for reasons that the creator of newSid listed himself, I’d recommend against using it. Just use sysprep instead if you need SIDs to be unique.

  • we have to use xp on this machines. also before win xp we load special software. seems newsid a solution for me now. As most of lads dont know how to use cmd :D

  • Hi,

    if you don’t want to generalize (sysprep) use NewSID but it’s retired:

    Can still be downloaded for example here:

    Why the hell do you still use Windows XP? :)

    Before you start read THIS:

    A little quote from the link:

    The reason that I began considering NewSID for retirement is that, although people generally reported success with it on Windows Vista, >I hadn’t fully tested it myself and I got occasional reports that some Windows component would fail after NewSID was used. When I set >out to look into the reports I took a step back to understand how duplicate SIDs could cause problems, a belief that I had taken on faith >like everyone else. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that machine SID duplication – having multiple computers >with the same machine SID – doesn’t pose any problem, security or otherwise. I took my conclusion to the Windows security and >deployment teams and no one could come up with a scenario where two systems with the same machine SID, whether in a Workgroup >or a Domain, would cause an issue. At that point the decision to retire NewSID became obvious.

    Good luck

    Regards X23

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    If you sysprep the images first, the sid would always be generic. Just a thought.

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