FOG as a Unattended Installation Service

  • Hi people,

    Will be possible for FOG, in a near future, to have some sort of Unattended Installation services?

    Just asking…



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    Also all FOG snapins are completely unattended. So are FOG Printers.

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    Please clarify? Unattended installation service?

    Unless you are expecting something different, you can do that today. Just schedule a deployment task and if you have WOL enabled and PXE booting setup as the first boot device, the system will power on pxe boot and then image all unattended. If the system is powered on and the FOG client is installed the system will reboot and then image unattended.

    In my company that is risky since its possible that you select the wrong system to image and you reimage a VP person on accident.

    Please explain a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish.

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