Is there a way to use fog as incremental / differential backup solution?

  • Hi,

    today i made some commercial work for fog at a friends side and he asked me if fog has a incremental backup (image) feature. Pulling base image and then just catching delta’s.

    Is this possible with fog and partclone?

    Regards X23

  • @Wayne-Workman OMG no 🙂 but i could be some… I know that old discussions… it’s an image solution. I only share what my crank mind is dreaming about 😉

    Regards X23

  • @x23piracy Do you use fog as a backup solution?

  • Since i found some information about Clonezilla i don’t think partclone has differential backup support 😞
    alt text

    I would be so nice if this could be supported, but this already stucks at the root.

    This really could give employes the abbility to backup their system when ever they think they need it, this paired with rules that can define when its allowed for an employe to make a differntial image or something like quotas this could really be a very cool feature.