• Hi

    Was just wondering if i updated my Linux distro would it break FOG

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    Lawrence Lonsdale

  • George is right. The devs have made strides in supporting upgraded systems where all sorts of things are off/wonky due to migration not being perfect. That said, most people fail at this process because it’s perhaps beyond their skill level to fix, and when they ask for help on the forums, we have to start from zero with troubleshooting because it could be anything if it’s not obvious, and there have been a lot that haven’t been obvious fixes. I’d always recommend a clean build as George said.

  • Updated? As in ran updates for the OS or upgraded?

  • Moderator

    It depends on how big of a jump between linux versions and what version of FOG you are currently using. But I can say you will probably be happier if you just install a new version of linux and then install a fresh copy of FOG. Depending on the version of FOG you can export the FOG database and import it into your new FOG server then just copy the images between the two. This way if something goes wrong with the new FOG server, you still have an untouched existing one working.