SOLVED mounting /home/images on /images failed: permission denied

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.2.0
    • OS: Centos 6.8
    • Service Version:
    • OS: Centos 7.2

    The default of /images works just fine when I image a machine. However the / partition only has 15 GB of space. The /home partition has over 500GB of space for images. I created a /home/images folder and made it the master node, the only node for holding images. I am getting a permission denied error.

    NFS is mounting on /images failed: permissioned denied.

    I checked the perms and they appear to be ok at 777 on the /home/images folder recursively.

    Any ideas?

    Just trying to change the default path from /images to /home/images

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    @finvader You can leave your /etc/exports to default if you create a symbolic link to your /home/images

    I think I understand that the /home/images should be rw instead of ro?

    No, /home/images/dev should be rw

    I don’t even know how it wrote anything in your /home/images/dev folder if it’s defined as ro in your exports…unless you never exported it and already have a symbolic link that is.

    Assuming all of that is true, then you need to remove the /home/images line from /etc/exports and do what Wayne says.

  • I think you setup /etc/exports properly if you were able to capture. I think you forgot to change the FTP path inside of Storage Management -> node -> FTP Path or Image Path.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Not sure I understand what you are saying.

    Do I only need the /home/images in my /etc/exports?
    I think I understand that the /home/images should be rw instead of ro?

  • @finvader
    The mac address labeled folder is typically ONLY when you’re imaging. ro should actually read rw for the dev line.

    You should not need to have /home/images and /home/images/dev if your /images is a symbolic link to the /home/images point.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Quick question:

    The FOG server was able to upload (capture) the image successfully, however when I look in /home/images (my new image path), I see the mac address as the image name instead of centos72IT1103, the image name associated with my hosts? The old fog server created the same name folder in /home/images as the image name in “Image Management”.


  • Got it, was missing the .mntcheck and dev folder. Not sure why the dev did not get created but just copied over and maintained perms.

    I am IMAGING!!!

    A great learning process for me for sure. Thank you for all the help. Now the lab is up. Back to 1.3.0 on CENTOS 7.2. I think I got it this time around no prob.


  • /images *(ro,sync,nowdelay…fsid1)
    /images/dev *(ro,sync,nowdelay…fsid2)

    not seeing /home/images… does it need to be here, if so I believe it would be something like

    /home/images/dev *(ro, sync…fsid3)


  • What does your /etc/exports file look like?