IPXE error 0x7f048283 on Lenovo m700

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    • FOG Version: RC19
    • OS: Debian Jessy
    • OS: Windows 7

    I receive error iPXE 0x7f048283 (twice) when booting a Lenovo M700.
    This machine uses UEFI to boot which wás working at RC11 (last confirmed working RC)

    The boot process works on other devices, so it must be device related.

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    @abos_systemax said in IPXE error 0x7f048283 on Lenovo m700:

    we are not allowed to update the firmware because it is not our own hardware.

    If it were me, I’d do it anyways on just one to see. It’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. It’s afterall the manufacturer’s firmware update. The update can not come from anywhere else literally, and 99% of the time firmware updates fix problems.

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    @abos_systemax I would look at the change log the vendor has between the two firmware releases to see if they changed something in regards to uefi. You may petition to have the firmware upgrade done if you can prove it fixes the issue or just run just in bios mode.

  • The issues is not yet resolved, however putting the device in Legacy Mode did provide a workaround.
    it has the 2nd latest firmware, that might be an issue but we are not allowed to update the firmware because it is not our own hardware.

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    Have you ensured that the firmware on these m700s are up to date? This error basically says it can’t start the iPXE kernel. We have seen some flaky uefi firmware on the lenovos which is usually fixed with a firmware update.

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