Dell Optiplex 5040 - M.2 256GB PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive

  • We have bought a number of Dell Optiplex 5040 and they are delivered with an M.2 SSD. Win 10.

    We are running Fog version 1.3.0-RC-8.

    We were able to register the pc in Fog, created an image and then created an event to upload the image to Fog. The event starts, but as soon as it is to start compressing, it hangs. Nothing more happens. This leads me to believe that Fog has a problem with this kind of drive. Is this correct?

  • @Wayne-Workman The solution from Tom Elliott worked perfectly. However, after installing some software and trying to take a new image, new problems appeared. Will make a separate topic for this.

  • @Oceanwatcher post a picture of where the problem is please.

  • @Tom-Elliott Sorry - my reply ended up above yours 🙂

  • I will try it to see if it works. BUT …

    All partitions on the drive was deleted before installing and I let Windows 10 decide how it wanted the drive… The bios is set up with UEFI.

    BTW - Thank you for responding so fast!

  • No, that is not correct.

    It’s “hung” because you created an MBR style setup of Windows without actually wiping the drive.

    All you need to do:

    Cancel the task that was created.

    Create a new upload task, but before confirming the task, check the box for “Schedule as debug”

    Boot the system.

    When it boots you will have to hit enter a couple of times.

    It will drop you to a terminal prompt.

    fixparts /dev/nvme0n1

    Confirm any actions you need.

    Go back, cancel the tasking, and recreate it without the “debug” flag.

    Be impressed as fog is handling the disk.