Volume not found error? Where do I even look to fix this?

  • Attached image is the error I’m getting when trying to pull and image down to the FOG Server.
    I’ve tried a ton of different directory’s. Even creating the missing ones Nothing can’t get this bug to move?
    I’ve messed with the FOG user info in the web portal and had no success. Where or how do I resolve this setup?

    Prob important to know that I uninstalled everything - then cleaned out the DP - reset all the passwords as I did before - is it possible that the FOGImageReplicator/FOGMulticastManger/FOGScheduler are not even installed? I couldn’t seem to find the directory’s that they were suppose to be in?
    What are some command lines I should use to debug?
    Today’s the day I become a fogger - I hope 🙂


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    Nice work 🙂

  • Fixed it! By changing the passwords in the DB to get it up and running - the storage nodes weren’t lined up properly when I restarted and dropped the table I forgot to change the passwords back ARG!

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    Why are there no images in the directory? When you upload an image, the image files go into the directory.

    You need to describe your setup better. How many fog servers you have would be a great start.

    The more information you give, the we can help. Right now… we cannot help at all.

  • I nuked the user when uninstalling is there anything that would of stuck when I reinstalled and it’s looking for a user that simply doesn’t exist on the PXE FOG Server and thus can’t generate the files when I create the images?
    Is it possible that one of the FOG Services are not running? Is it possible to configure them manually? THANKS for the fast replies!

  • [quote=“Blackout, post: 406, member: 1”]Does the image exist in /images/image_name/ ? are the files the correct size?[/quote]
    What do you mean by the correct size? How would I know what the correct size is? I don’t have any files in the directory right now.

  • I booted to debug mode.

    cd /mnt --> mount is there
    ls -l --> returned 0 Files
    ls --> returned empty directory

    Shouldn’t the image directory be created by the WebUI when I generate a new image?

    The below is what did before trying to grab the computers image. Is this correct?
    Webui --> Image Management --> I add <image name>, <storage group>, <image file> and <image type>
    For the <image file> i simply added 8215Server
    The 8215Server should be a directory inside of the Images folder in /?


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    Does the image exist in /images/image_name/ ? are the files the correct size?

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    on client PC boot into debug mode from pex menu
    #cd /mnt
    #ls -l (to see 8215Server file size if is directory then change directory #cd 8215Server)

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