UNSOLVED Need to change image storage to new volume

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    Ubuntu 14.4 OS:

    I need to change where images are being stored to a new volume. How do I change my FOG configuration so that the FOG system will put, store, access, and acknowledge images are on a different volume than the one the OS is running on (this is the current location for images)?

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    I created a write up a few months ago that focused on this topic. It is geared towards centos running as a VM, but you should be able to translate it to ubuntu pretty easy.

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    If you’re using LVM, all you need to do is add the volume to the LVM and you’re done.

    If you’re not using LVM, after adding the volume and making sure it mounts, etc, you need to do a few things I believe.

    I’m not 100% on the steps for 1.2 , though. You might be interested in upgrading your FOG to 1.3 RC19 for things such as Windows 10 support, NVME drive support, much wider support of client devices and so forth.


    I believe you need to change the imagelocation in /opt/fog/.fogsettings and run the installer on 1.3 RC19, maybe a few other things need to be changed (storage node configuration) but that should do it afaik.

    Make sure your new imagelocation has the right permissions (777 and fog:root or something similar is generally used), make sure your images and images/dev folder have .mntcheck in them.

  • The steps depend on how far along in your efforts you are.

    Is the new disk installed? Does linux recognize it? have you set it up to automount on boot already? What if anything have you done so far?