• I’ve been using the sysprep tutorial by Brian Jackson - [url]http://brianleejackson.com/sysprep-a-windows-7-machine-–-start-to-finish-v2[/url]

    Is there a way to enter audit mode after Windows 7 is already installed? I had made my image prior to knowing about sysprep, and have all the software and settings the way I want them to be for the image. It seems that I have an issue running sysprep from the admin account, it tells me that my unattend.xml file can’t be found, even though I put it in the right places, as per the tutorial.

    On the last step of getting Fog to work successfully in our school, had made an image without sysprep, reimaged another Dell 755 with the image, and it goes into constant recovery mode. So apparently sysprep is required for a valid working image.

    On a side note, Fogprep HAS to be run with the “run as administrator” option. Figured that out. 😃

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    if you map a network drive under audit mode it will be part of the default profile aslong as you specify in your unattend.xml to copyprofile. Every profile change you make will be captured in audit mode, i think the idea of audit mode is so that nothing machine specific is copied over which and makes it easier to handle licensing and to skip oobe and have un-needed personalisation.

  • Yeah, I think the audit mode “un-does” everything you customize it with. Not sure if I need to run that, or?

  • Update - target machine took the image perfectly. blasting the lab now. 🙂

    side question - if I configure the default profile during audit mode to have mapped network drives for shares on the server, will that be carried over into the image also? I suppose if not, we can always map a network drive in Group Policies in 2008 server.

    Thanks again! Fog is awesome!

  • Thanks Andy, appreciate it!

    By the way, I had a problem with getting my unattended.xml to be recognized in the sysprep commands. Eventually my research led me to the simplest answer ever - When saving your unattended.xml file, do NOT type the .xml part, or you will have unattended.xml.xml =D I couldnt figure out why sysprep wouldn’t find my unattended.xml file.

    Currently uploading image, will be testing it out on target systems in a few. Here’s to hoping all goes perfect from here!

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    Hi yes you can enter audit mode again, just go to C:\Windows\System32\sysrep\sysprep.exe, from there change “System clanup action” to “Enter system audit modem”. Tick generalize and reboot. It will start backup in audit mode. Check out my guide here for more information, you never know it might help: