Can I install Fog on one network and move it to another?

  • Hey Guys,

    I need to install Fog at my office, which uses a network, then move it to a network that uses a

    During the Fog install, when it asks for the IP address of the Fog Server, can I just tell it the IP number of the other network? Will it work when I move the box to the different location?


  • Moderator

    I think you can set it up at your office with the IP address it will have at the other network. If you configure DHCP services, make sure you set it up for the other network also. The Fog server will not function at the office, i.e. you can’t really test it by imaging/registering computers, but you can once you get to the new network.

    I would probably choose to set it up in the current network, verify it’s working, then move it to the new network by updating the IP address via the wiki article linked in Roberts response. Deploy the server and troubleshoot from there if needed.

  • Hey tlongfog


    I what I use. I have about 30 sites that use FOG, so I have to prep them at HQ, and have to change the settings later. Most of the time if I have issues, I just run a reinstall: (from terminal)

    sudo mv /opt/fog/.fogsettings /opt/fog/fogsettings-firstInstall

    then plug in new IP settings. It should keep all your images and hosts (I’m 90% sure)

    This sound right guys?