SOLVED Regarding /opt/fog/.fogsettings

  • After being generated by the initial installer, does FOG, and just FOG, use this information from /opt/fog/.fogsettings for anything?


    Concurrently, does FOG reference the subnet mask of the network it’s on at any time?

  • Thank you horse’s mouth!

  • @sudburr This is only used if you’re setting your FOG Server up as a DHCP server.

  • So, yes and no.

    It’s generated by the installer, and used by the installer during re/installation to possibly configure a FOG component. Which file where is touched by this?

    I’m concerned by this because we’re planning out changing scopes that will include changing the subnet mask, and I need to know if I should be worried about /opt/fog/.fogsettings and whatever else is touched by the installer or FOG’s normal operations that use that information.

  • Fog doesn’t use the file during run time, it only uses it when the installer is running.

    The submask is only used for DHCP stuff, and maybe for udpcast configuration, maybe. Again that’s only during running the installer.

    However, I’ve written utilities that actively use the file. Like the FOGUpdateIP thing, it’s based on your original work, it’s pretty developed now too. It uses the .fogsettings file during run time.