• Hello - is there a way to add custom fields for host management page? I would like to add the Windows Product Key to each host record so that I can access that from the PC’s and use it to register windows 7.

    Thanks -


  • Thanks - I’ve been studying the code. Looking forward to the next release. FOG’s already been a game changer for me over using just an old copy of ghost and pxe/bartpe.

  • Developer

    There is no such place to store Product Keys.

    Host Description or Other Tag 1,2,3 is your best bet.

    When 0.33 releases, you will be able to write your own FOG addons and add such a feature.

    Time to brush up on your PHP skills 🙂

  • Yeah, I see those fields now. They will work, but I would rather the field in the hosts table as the query would be simpler. Plus, those field aren’t available if you haven’t done an inventory on a machine yet. I think windows product keys belong with the host and it’s OS, not the hardware

  • I’d just add it to one of the tags. THey can be found here…
    webui --> host management --> list all hosts --> click on the link of the host --> Hardware --> Other Tag 1 and Other Tag 2 is where I would enter your ID it would be accessible via the webui.