Host Bios Exit Types

  • I’m currently running Trunk version 7981. Our desktops we Fog are Dell Optiplex 9010. We created our first Windows 10 image earlier this summer. I noticed at that time after the desktop was imaged at boot after the Fog PXE handoff to the hard drive we’d get a black screen regarding the Bootmgr. In Fog I changed the Host Bios Exit Type and Host EFI Exit Type to “GRUB_FIRST_FOUND_WINDOWS” This seemed after rebooting this appeared to allow the desktops to load. I then updated the image and pushed it out. On a few machines I found that I had to change to “GRUB_FIRST_HDD” for the systems to load. Can one of the developers tell me more about what each of the Host Bios Exit Types are? I’m not sure why changing this setting worked but it did…apparently.

  • @Wayne-Workman Thank you so much for the information Wayne. That really is extremely helpful info. I’ll have to look for that global setting in the fog settings. Thanks again!

  • I’m not a “developer” but I do know a little about this.

    These are just the different methods available for exiting from the PXE environment to the OS on the local disk. The BIOS field applies to machines operating in BIOS mode. the uEFI field applies to machines operating in uEFI mode. Sanboot is the default because it works for most. There is a global default for both in fog settings which applies if the setting is not set at the host level. Settings at the host level override global settings for that particular host.

    Grub first hdd means grub will try to offload to the very first disk it finds. This isn’t perfect especially if you have more than one disk - which could even cause problems on “single disk” systems where the disk is a hybrid drive (part flash part mechanical), or if a flash drive is inserted or not during boot.

    Grub first found windows means grub looks for windows and if found, boots from it. Again this isn’t perfect.

    Generally, I’ve had success with just “Grub” - where Sanboot fails.

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