Managing Windows 10 IE/Chrome Bookmarks, Desktop Icons etc using Fog Client

  • Hi all

    Just wondering if this is doable via snapins? or powershell deployed using snapins?


  • thanks for all the reply. I will give it try and see how I go with it.


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    @kwetiaw I did a quick check this AM and there are excellent powershell examples of creating IE favorites and desktop shortcuts. The bit of a pain was automating the creation of google chrome bookmarks. But as Wayne said, this is all doable with a snapin or third party application like PDQ Deploy.

  • @kwetiaw like I said, if you can script it, generally snapins can deploy it. Go ahead and try. Let us know if you have problems.

  • @george1421 I should’ve elaborate more.

    I have 20 stand alone computers and not managed by a domain.
    I want to ensure all these computers have up to date Internet Browser bookmarks without having to update the reference image and redeploy. I often get asked by the centre admin to add new website link to the bookmarks in google chrome.

    Maybe by snapins to execute powershell or vbs script to create an icon that is essentially a link to website address.

    Hope that make sense 🙂

  • If you can script it, snapins can deploy it generally.

    That said, group policy would be the better choice. Snapins fill in the gaps that group policy doesn’t do, or doesn’t do well.

    For me, I use snapins for one-time script deployment and for software deployment. I use fog for these things instead of group policy because with fog it’s aggressive instead of passive, and I can see progress easily in task management, and to not clutter my group policy needlessly.

    Of course snapins can do much, much more. What you use them for is up to you.

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    Can you explain what you mean by managing these items?

    Unless you are in a workgroup environment, these items are best managed via AD/GPOs. If you are in a workgroup then you can deploy a vbs/ps script to create these items. But for AD a GPP is the much easier way to go.

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